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Accept payments directly from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device and enjoy instant authorizations for transactions from anywhere with card swiped rates.

Today the convenience of mobile commerce is becoming increasingly popular as both merchants and consumers enjoy the flexibility and ease of accepting payments directly on a mobile device.

Merchants can expand their presence from outside their retail or eCommerce stores and easily accept payments at trade-shows, fundraisers, on-site at a customer’s or any other location.

  • Receive swiped transaction rates by utilizing the ePNMobile Pro Encrypted Card Reader.

  • Your customer's data is never stored on the device.

  • Centralized reporting website for viewing transaction reports from multiple devices.

  • Electronically capture and store customer’s signature.

  • Deactivate devices remotely.

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Card Readers

EMV Ready Audio Jack Reader

  • Connects using the audio jack of device

  • Supports Apple iOS devices and select Android devices

  • Compatible devices

EMV Ready Bluetooth Reader

  • Connects wirelessly to device with Bluetooth

  • Compatible with any Apple iOS or Android devices with Bluetooth